Green Cures Spirits

Green Cures Spirits is a division of Green Cures & Botanical Distribution that develops, produces and distributes hemp, unique botanical and CBD-infused spirits under the Hollywood brand that are not found anywhere else.  The company has secured proprietary ingredients that it is currently using for new product development targeting the hemp and CBD-infused alcoholic beverage segment.  


As we wait for final approvals for our Hollywood Hemp Vodka label from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), we wanted to share our label design. What drink will you make first? Or will you have it on the rocks? Hempstrovia! #hemp #vodka #somethingnew #woodruff

Hollywood Green Botanical Vodka was recently approved by the Alcohol Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (“TTB”) which is the first hemp-infused vodka recipe ever approved by a publicly traded company.  

Green Cures Spirits is developing hemp-infused Gin and Whiskey recipes that will be produced, distributed or licensed as well.

Distribution Efforts:

Hollywood Hemp Spirits plans to secure multiple regional and national wine & spirits distributors to take their brands to the masses.  There is little or no competition for hemp-infused spirits on a national scale which has created demand for distributors seeking to gain entry into the hemp and CBD-infused sector.